Mint 5% by Sea PODS

Eon Smoke PODS.

Mint 5% by Sea PODS

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Flavor: Mint

Strength: 5% Salt Nic

1 ml PODS

100% Compatible 


If you're a minty fanatic, Sea POD'S Mint coats your tongue in nothing but pure, clean flavor. You'll feel cool and refreshed whenever you take a hit thanks to its authentic taste There’s a natural sweetness that makes it absolutely intoxicating. 

Every inhale cools you down instantly thanks to that blast of iciness. You'll swear that you're eating freshly picked peppermint leaves. Subtle sweetness starts to emerge as the throat enjoys that wintry sensation. When you exhale, you'll feel as blissful as can be.





[WARNING: This product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.]