Lush On Ice 5% by Sea PODS

Eon Smoke PODS.

Lush On Ice 5% by Sea PODS

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Flavor: Lush On Ice

Strength: 5% Salt Nic

1 ml PODS

100% Compatible 


There might be a lot of Lush Ice flavors on the market right now, but none of them captivate the taste buds with authentic goodness quite like Sea POD's Lush On Ice 5%.

Tangy tropical goodness explodes on the palate as soon as you inhale. Your tongue will be tickled as the juice slowly saturates each and every taste bud. Your thirst will be quenched it drips down your throat. When you exhale, its natural and fresh sweetness makes you feel sublime.




[WARNING: This product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.]