5 Pack/Caffeine Energy Pouches (Spearmint 56mg) by LyvWel
5 Pack/Caffeine Energy Pouches (Spearmint 56mg) by LyvWel

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5 Pack/Caffeine Energy Pouches (Spearmint 56mg) by LyvWel

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Flavor: Spearmint

Dose- 56mg caffeine/pouch

Tobacco & Nicotine FREE

  • Experience Instant Energy: Get a substantial 56mg dose of caffeine from 250mg of natural Guarana seed extract in each pouch. Designed to fuel your day, whether you're at work, studying, or enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Discreet & Mess-Free: Conveniently designed to fit under your lip, our moisture-locked 'dry' pouches offer a clean, fuss-free experience, letting you go about your day without interruptions.
  • Tobacco-Free & Nicotine-Free: Choose a smarter alternative with our responsibly formulated energy pouches. Ideal for those looking to shift away from smokeless tobacco products without compromising on energy levels.
  • Enjoy On-the-Go: The 5-pack contains a total of 80 pouches, making it easy to have an instant energy boost wherever you are. From office to outdoor adventures, LYVWEL has you covered.
  • Directions for Optimal Use: Simply moisten 1-2 pouches with saliva and place them between your gum and cheek. Wait for the gentle tingling sensation as the caffeine kicks in, then dispose of the pouch when done. Stay energized and focused throughout the day.